Standart Wholesale Bundle

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Managing a coffee shop, roastery or a bookshop is a challenging endeavour by itself, so we created a lineup of one-off and subscription offers that fit your business like a glove: simple, clear, flexible. Standart is not just another piece of merchandise on your shelf but also enhanced experience and loyalty promotion, a membership in a global community of like-minded businesses who regard specialty coffee in the larger context of values, practices and human connections. Standart is a sign of connection with the global specialty coffee culture that provides a sustainable and bright future for millions of people.

For us, wholesale customers are those who make this great culture happen and we are dedicated to providing them with best offers, support and ideas. Do you need some advice on how Standart can benefit your business? Would you like to place a custom order? Just drop us an email at We are always here to help.


We deliver all wholesale orders by FedEx from Berlin, Germany. We guarantee that our wholesale subscribers always have their orders shipped on the first day of dispatch, fresh from the press with all necessary paperwork for your accounts.

Shipping worldwide

We have a flat rate price per single copy and we ship from our warehouse in Berlin.

Published quarterly

New issues come out every quarter. Subscribe today and get it fresh off the press.

Delivered with coffee

Subscribe and receive a sample bag of specialty coffee with every issue of Standart.