Standart Magazine is a print publication about specialty coffee culture and the people behind it. Our aim is to describe the beautiful world of coffee, and we’ve created a quarterly published, elegant platform to bring together the global community of coffee enthusiasts.

We aren’t aiming for big numbers. What we target instead are engaged, quality readers that know how to appreciate a work of craft, and keep the coffee and journalism business healthy, profitable and sustainable. 

Standart is in stock in more than 260 locations in 70 countries. The list of outlets is growing fast, with new retailers across South East Asia, Europe, North America and even the Middle East. 

Step 1: Understand the ethos

Conventional advertising doesn’t work for specialty. Our approach to brand partnership is based on meaningful and strategic cooperation, which we think is the way things work best in the specialty coffee industry. We hope to nurture a new standard in advertising. A unique magazine requires unique companies to work with. We believe that integrating people and brands that have similar mindsets, approaches and high-quality products will ignite a spark of interest in the eyes of the customer.

Step 2: Choosing the format

There are two levels of brand cooperation. There is an exclusive sponsor for every issue who receives a two page advertorial and a full-length company profile article. In each of our five chapters, we have one partner; partnership comes with two pages of custom illustrated portraits and a description of the company philosophy.

Step 3: Leave the rest to us

We work with you to set the strategy for the partnership form. We are eager to present your brand to our readers in the most appropriate way, explaining your philosophy, core values, product portfolio or team. Once we’re agreed on the idea, Standart gets to work executing the vision and productWe’ll stay connected throughout the creation process, and you can expect continued updates on circulation and marketing strategy once the issue goes to print.

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