Challenge your coffee knowledge

As you play, you'll find yourself not only testing your existing coffee expertise but also uncovering new insights.

Encouraging active learning and fostering a sense of discovery, every game session is an opportunity for caffeinated enlightenment.

The perfect gift

It's hard to find a gift for a coffee lover that isn't generic. Whether your loved one is a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of specialty, Standart Playing Cards is a gift guaranteed to steal the thunder at every festive gathering and leave other presents feeling like mere background noise.

Disconnect from screens

Instead of being glued at the screens, you'll be connecting with friends, family, or even yourself, nurturing meaningful conversations and creating lasting memories over cups of delicious coffee. Just like reading Standart makes you rediscover the beauty of being present in the moment.

In Slap Jack, victory is measured not in points, but in the echoes of victorious slaps. Let the caffeine fuel your lightning-fast reflexes!

In the game of Briscola, every card played unfolds a story of strategic genius or uproarious chaos—there's no middle ground here.