Card game rules

Be honest: how often is it that you see a group of friends (or even strangers) playing cards in a café? How many more people have their faces buried in a laptop?

We at Standart believe the pastime of playing cards should be brought back to the café space, or the coziness of your homes with vigour! So here we provide you with a few games to get you started with your Standart Playing Cards.


  • 4 players (2 pairs)
  • 40-card deck (remove 8, 9, 10)


Win three rounds before your opponents by scoring the most points.

Card values

  • Ace – 11 points
  • Three – 10 points
  • King – 4 points
  • Queen – 3 points
  • Jack – 2 points
  • Seven, Six, Five, Four, Two – 0 points


Each player is dealt three cards. The next card is lain in the middle of the table and is the trump card. The trump suit beats any other suit and is the key to winning the game. The remaining cards become the draw pile.


The first player starts the game by playing a card. The following players must play any card from their hand. The player who has played either the highest card of the same suit or the highest card in the trump suit wins the hand (called the ‘trick’), collects all the cards that were played, and starts the next hand. After each hand, all players draw one card, and the round continues until all cards have been played. The player or team with more points wins the round, depending on the cards they have collected.

Change of trump

When a player wins a ‘trick’, she may exchange the ‘trump’ for a card of the same suit, following these rules: An Ace, 3, King, Queen, or Jack may be exchanged for a 7; a 7, 6, 5, or 4 may be exchanged for a 2.


  • 2+ players
  • 52 card deck


The player who collects all 52 cards wins the game.


Deal all the cards, face down, to all the players. Each player must put their cards into a pile face down. Each player one at a time, takes a card from their pile and places it face up in the center of the table. When the card facing up is a Jack , players try to be the first to slap their hand down on it. The first player to slap the Jack takes it and all the cards underneath it.

If more than one player slaps the Jack, the one whose hand is directly on top of the Jack gets the pile. If a player slaps a card that is not a Jack, they must give a card face down to the player of that card. When a player has no more cards left they are out of the game, the one who collects all the cards WINS!