Neurodiversity in coffee: Artwork

Specialty coffee is a young, vibrant, and inclusive industry built on passion and community; at its best, it is open-minded and accepting of people with different interests, skill sets, and stories.

In Standart issue 19, Philip Wain, a journalist, consultant, and lecturer on specific learning difficulties looks at how neurodivergent coffee professionals live, work, and manage their conditions, how good workplaces support and empower them, and at the many strengths and talents that neurodiversity can bring.

For this feature we were incredibly excited to bring a set of original artworks representing each condition discussed in the article. 

Artist: Ohni Lisle 
Based: Brooklyn 
Instagram: @ohnilisle


 Comment from Ohni Lisle, 

"For Autism, I thought a window could relate to the fact that people with the condition often cite a feeling of being trapped within themselves, so to speak. The prominent colour of the mouth represents some of the difficulties with spoken expression."


Comment from Ohni Lisle, 

"For ADHD, I wanted to represent the competition of different thoughts through different colour fields playing over the face."


Comment from Ohni Lisle, 

"For Dyslexia, I wanted to find a beautiful way of representing what is often a point of difficulty for people with the condition."


Comment from Ohni Lisle, 

"Lastly, for Dyspraxia, I wanted to play on the theme of balance as well as the issue of depth perception."⠀

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Neurodiversity in coffee: Artwork

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