Iconic design meets high-end performance

Iconic design meets high-end performance - Standart

What can roasters look most forward to about the Probat P05 III roaster? What is the single biggest leap technologically?

As far as new technology is concerned, the implementation of the integrated web-based control solution for the new P III Series is the single biggest leap. Next to product and exhaust-air thermocouples, the additional fitting with sensors for supply, ambient, and cooling exhaust air temperature allows for the generation of more machine- and process-related data, thus expanding the operators’ scope of controlling the roasting process. These data are clearly visualized in full scope via an adjustable capacitive 15.6-inch touchscreen.

'The drum roaster embodies inspiring constructive accomplishments combined with the iconic Probat design.'

The new control also enables safe and automatic reproduction of stored settings with any number of user-definable recipes, which can safely be transferred to other roasters while maintaining reproducibility. Apart from this, surely the new customization options in terms of design are really worth looking forward to. Roasters have several individualization options to make their own machine look even more unique.

Probat - Specialty Coffee Roaster - Standart

Where did the idea for your excellent POP UP project in Berlin come from, and what sort of similar events can we look forward to seeing in the future?

The idea of the Probat POP UP Roastery was born when we started contemplating our customer touch points. Our experience with on-site trainings with customers has repeatedly shown that nothing is more vivid and sustainable than to actually roast live together, so we decided to create a new and progressive live format in addition to our classic tradeshow presentations. We wanted to set up an event where coffee lovers could exchange knowledge with each other, network, and simply enjoy a good cup of coffee.

So we just did it, starting with the Probat POP UP Roastery in Berlin in June 2019. It was a massive success! Not least because of the great support we received from our partners The Barn and Standart, who helped to promote the event beforehand and provided great assistance on-site in Berlin, too.

Given the present situation, a personal exchange with the community is barely possible, so we decided to transform the Probat POP UP Roastery into a digital live format, the ‘POP UP Series’, broadcast via Facebook. The first two sessions were joined by coffee enthusiasts all around the world who watched Probat shop-roaster trainer Daniela Nowitzki answer the community’s questions on all things roasting. The next session of the POP UP Series is coming soon. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at popup@probat.com, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the next dates of the POP UP Series.

What is the focus of the newly released Probat Magazine?

The Probat Magazine is a biannual, bilingual customer magazine providing a combination of Probat corporate, product, and service-related articles merged with industry news. We feature external contributions in every edition, like the one by Standart's founder Michal Molcan in 2018. The focus of the current magazine was on the release of the new shop roaster P Series III in September, but also picked up the new Probat sustainability platform which went live only recently as part of our corporate website. We launched this platform because we wanted to let our customers and partners participate in our efforts towards a more sustainable future. If anyone is interested in reading the latest edition or back issues, they are available for download on our website.

This article is proudly published in partnership with Probat.