Decoding the DNA of coffee

Decoding the DNA of coffee

Here we have a few questions with Kamal Bengougam, the Commercial Director of Swiss-based Eversys, and a proud partner of Standart Issue 22.

With the new Enigma, how does the name represent the machine?

Enigma by definition conjures an air of mystery, initiates a moment of anticipation and magic. It was the coding machine used during WW2 to negative ends. So Eversys chose to redeem the word, use the name the way it was intended, decode and unveil the DNA of coffee, release the mystery of the coffee bean, unleash its magic into an unsuspecting cup.

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How do you strike the right balance between traditional European design and aesthetics, and technological advancement and innovation?

Balance is always the aim, but it is also the greatest challenge facing any manufacturer. At Eversys, we listen to market movements and then try imagine what future trends might result. However, we always begin this journey from the human perspective, promoting a total sensorial experience in which visual impact and usability combines with taste, and always delivers beyond expectation.

With our new Super Traditional range, we reconcile the divergence of aesthetics and innovation through the introduction of machines that offer functionality via a powerful visual expression. For us, the in-cup experience and customer journey always take precedence.

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Explain the importance of working closely with brand ambassadors, such as your newest member of the team, Emi Fukahori. What advantage does this give Eversys?

Our brand ambassadors are great at communicating the benefits of using our equipment in language and experience that is relevant to their audience. When addressing an audience effectively, empathy is key, and as manufacturers, we can often be a step away, detached, from the reality of the end user. Brand ambassadors are there to bridge that gap, transform our concepts into products that make sense to the market as a whole. We therefore look for people who represent our values, promote trust, quality, innovation, and authenticity.

Emi Fukahori is a perfect example of this. Born in Japan, she is passionate about coffee, loves people, and is an excellent communicator. She understands and can relate to our message and passion for combining compelling visual design, haptics, innovation, and, ultimately, the joy of coffee.

This interview was published in collaboration with Eversys.