Give and Get Terms & Conditions


This programme lasts for one subscription cycle (your four issues of Standart). Here at Standart, we will be monitoring the situation in the industry and may extend the programme to a later date. In either case it will not affect the price that you pay for your subscription and we will keep you informed about our plans. If we make the decision to discontinue the programme, we will let you know.

We pay out net 50% of the price you pay us for your subscription (€20) to the coffee shop that referred you. It means that we can’t refund your subscription even if it is cancelled and you would not like to receive any magazines. However, please do get in touch if you have any concerns about your subscriptions: we are always happy to help. Just like with any regular subscription, its automatic renewal can be cancelled at any time by logging in our website

We may discontinue the programme at any time as the situation in the industry changes. We will of course keep all participants, both shops and subscribers, well informed and complete all pending payouts. For the subscribers the fee will not change whether the programme is active or not.

Commissions are only paid out to coffee shops on Standart yearly subscriptions (priced at €40 + shipping and taxes)



Every new subscriber to Standart Magazine that pays for a yearly subscription by clicking on the referral link or by using your referral code brings in €20 for your business. You may not use the link to buy a subscription for yourself.

We will make payments twice a month, on the 15th (or the next business day, if falls on a weekend) and the last day of the month. We may do it a day or too earlier or later, but we’ll aim to stick to these days.

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