Transform your at-home coffee experience

Transform your at-home coffee experience

Join us for a conversation with team Faema, a proud partner of Standart Issue 28.

What is the absolute best feature that home baristas will love about the Faemina?

It is quite difficult to pin down one specific feature that makes the Faemina perfect for baristas at home! Aside from the machine's luxurious appearance, which is designed to enhance any space and create a high-class coffee experience, the machine is equipped with different ergonomic solutions. For example, there is the option of a removable drainage tank which makes the Faemina extremely easy to clean.

'Throughout time, our models have always stayed in line with a classic and refined approach while equipped with constantly improving technology.'

Thanks to the Up&Down System, the barista can use different cup sizes and recreate different recipes. With this machine, we wanted to realize a product dedicated to those who desire something extraordinary and want to live a superior coffee experience in terms of quality and variety of beverages from an Italian espresso to American brewed coffee as well as tea. In using the Faemina, even a coffee-shop-grade cappuccino is possible, thanks to the Autosteam wand that foams the milk automatically.


What we are most proud of is the machine's revolutionary technology: the "Be Faema" app makes interactions with the machine simple and easy. The app allows users to seamlessly connect their phones via Bluetooth to their Faemina machine, granting them the opportunity to connect with a community of coffee lovers and personalize the technical aspects of their espresso machine. Users can adjust water pressure, coffee boiler temperature, and infusion and extraction times, creating a cup for each taste. With the voice recognition feature, users can make coffee by voice command. The app also syncs system information to give users an overview of their machine for maintenance. We are also thrilled to have incorporated a method for users to save certain technical settings based on a recipe created for quick repeatability.

Can you tell us more about the new pour-over style feature of the Faemina in detail? How does it work?

The Faemina gives users full control of their coffee-making experience. An independent boiler heating system, GTi, facilitates water distribution to the appropriate boilers, where it is brought to whichever extraction temperature the user wants and incorporates their control over the infusion stage.

The water softener filter integrated inside the reservoir assures the correct decalcification process and additionally allows for the adequate maintenance of the machine and contributes to its long-term durability. The output is high-quality water that delivers first-class espresso and enhances all other coffee-based beverages to be created with the Faemina. The user can also use the app to automate pour-overs with adjustable variables including the bloom phase, pause intervals, water quantities and flow rates.

The Faemina takes its name from a lever espresso machine that Faema launched for home use in the 1950s and 60s. Are there elements of the new Faemina’s design that nod to its progenitor?

Our new Faemina takes its roots in the original attractive, shiny appearance with high-quality materials like steel and aluminium of the coffee machine with the same name produced in 1952, however, has now been completely remastered in structural as well as in technological terms to serve them modern demands of the market. The modern Faemina embraces the Home Bar trend, skilfully blending design and technology, positioning itself as a cutting-edge product in the range of professional espresso machines for café-quality espresso, as well as a design object.


The Urban Color’s anodized aluminium finish is corrosion-resistant and more durable compared to standard aluminium. It comes accented by a contrasting body panel of glossy finishes: Black Light or White Light on an anodized aluminium base, or the bold yellow “Pantone Illuminating” that stands out against light anodized aluminium. There is a second version stylistically chicer, and the colour choices are just as the name of this model suggests: Classy. Users have a choice of satin copper panels atop polished aluminium or polished aluminium combined with a dark anodized base. Throughout time, our models have always stayed in line with a classic and refined approach while equipped with constantly improving technology.

This interview was published in partnership with Faema.