Great pour over coffee faster and steadier

Join us for a conversation with team Poursteady, a proud partner of Standart Issue 32.

Can you provide an overview of Poursteady and explain why the focus is on pour-over brewing over other methods?

Poursteady makes automatic pour-over coffee machines that bring unprecedented speed, precision, and reliability to commercial coffee retailers and better coffee to their customers by combining automation, information technology, and design.

Additionally, could you share the types of coffee shops or commercial settings where you envision your products being utilized?

Poursteady is built for the busy café. Through our range of products, we provide a simple, effective, repeatable way to make great pour-over coffee without overloading the barista or making customers wait an exorbitant amount of time. We’ve been excited to expand our reach to hotels, universities, and other hospitality spaces and hope to continue to enter new spaces with our new products.

The PS2, the next generation of Poursteady, introduces new technology and design updates compared to the PSI (5-cup machine) and PSI-3c (3-cup machine). Could you elaborate on these advancements? Also, what can we anticipate from the future of Poursteady?

PS2 is a revolutionary step forward for pour-over. We’ve not only reduced the footprint of the machine on the counter; we have also added an internal boiler, which eliminates the need for an additional boiler under the counter. With our new on-machine user interface, baristas can cycle through recipes with a dial at each station, and control temperature and other recipe variables without the need of an app or additional device.

What were the main challenges faced during the product development phase, and how did you arrive at the sophisticated and iconic design of Poursteady?

Trial and error, and simplicity. The original machine was built as a fun project by two ex-NASA robotics engineers, and though the design was fine-tuned extensively before bringing it to market, the core elements of the design still come from that original project. With PS2, this has continued to be the case, and we’ve spent over a year working with various engineers and designers, including the team at the iconic Smart Design in Brooklyn to land on PS2’s updated look.

Automation has been a significant trend in the industry. How does Poursteady’s automated pour-over system enhance the coffee shop experience for customers, and what impact does it have on baristas?

Poursteady is not trying to replace baristas. Instead, we use automation to assist them in delivering a consistent and less labour-intensive cup of coffee. We see Poursteady as a way for baristas to dial in and brew an infinite number of recipes, while helping them to focus on the important things like talking to customers, managing orders, and handling the other myriad things one must juggle in a busy café. Poursteady is a barista’s best friend.


This article was published in proud collaboration with Poursteady.