Standart Music to Brew to Vol. 1

Standart Music to Brew to Vol. 1 - Standart

Turn up the volume, press play, brew some coffee, and get down.

Interview with the curator, Kirill Savateev, Creative Director at Standart.

What kind of scenes did you have in mind when making this playlist?
I picture well-dressed (suits, dresses, hats) people walking into a coffee shop at around six or seven p.m. They all just beat their hangover after the Friday night and get coffee and listen to tracks that the owner—musical "digger" puts on for them.
The majority of the tunes feature female vocals. Is that your preference? Or is there any specific reason behind it?
For some reason male vocals in disco songs are often inferior to female vocals. It often ruins the sound of the whole song.
Is there a personal story related to a song on the list?
I opened the list with Nice Girls because of a memory. I entered a coffee shop in Brooklyn and this song was playing. It's relatively well-known, but still the owner and I exchanged mutual appreciating that we knew it. Later we played music "back to back" with him. It was the time of the evening when the coffee shop was turning into a bar, and new guests were coming for wine instead of coffee, and then we went... But it's another story.
What were you listening to last night?
Clara Mondshine
Is the music you hear at a cafe important to you? If so, what kind of music would you like to hear in a cafe?
It's very important. I would even go away in case of terrible music. There are a lot of popular, but good music like Connan Mockasin which is great for coffee shops. That's being said, I don't want to hear music all the time and welcome when there's no music at all at a coffee shop.