Make your coffee iconic

Make your coffee iconic

Join us for a conversation with team Dalla Corte, a proud partner of Standart Issue 30.

Would you explain in a little more detail the ICON’s integration with the DC System and how this helps baristas in particularly busy environments? What are the results and how does the ICON achieve this technically?

The ICON espresso machine integrates seamlessly with the DC System, which includes the GCS, MCS, and OCS technologies. This combination allows baristas to achieve impeccable results with minimum effort, especially in busy environments.

Firstly, the GCS (Grinder Control System) technology identifies potential errors in grinding and automatically corrects the grind size. This ensures that the perfect amount of coffee is ground for each shot, resulting in consistent and balanced extraction. Additionally, baristas can connect one DC One and one DC Two grinder to the ICON, allowing them to handle multiple coffee selections with ease.

The MCS (Milk Control System) is an automatic steam wand that produces smooth microfoam for milk-based drinks. Baristas can set the temperature from the digital menu, making it incredibly easy to create creamy cappuccinos and lattes.

The OCS (Online Control System) gives baristas a precise overview of the machine and allows them to monitor all parameters remotely. They can manage individual groups, save energy by turning off certain groups during slow periods, and even program maintenance tasks. This system ensures consistency and efficiency, making it easier for baristas to focus on serving customers.

Overall, the integration of the DC System with the ICON espresso machine provides baristas with advanced technology and tools to handle high turnover and busy peak hours. It minimizes the potential for errors, ensures precise extraction and milk frothing, and allows for remote monitoring and management. The technical excellence of the ICON, combined with the efficiency of the DC System, results in consistently excellent espressos and a smoother workflow for baristas in busy environments.

What was the initial idea behind the ICON’s design? What did the design team wish to achieve?

The initial idea behind ICON's design was to create a coffee machine that would stand out in the Horeca market and become a new icon in the industry. The design team wished to achieve a one-of-a-kind design that would combine high-level performance with an outstanding aesthetic. They wanted to create a machine that would attract attention, convey a sense of innovation and quality, and be visually appealing to customers and baristas alike. The team aimed to create a machine that would not only perform exceptionally but also have a modern, sleek, and versatile design that would fit well in any business environment. They also aimed to incorporate elements of customization, allowing businesses to personalize the machine with their logos and choose from a range of colours and materials for the back panel.

The ICON’s design is minimal and functional, allowing it to fit into any environment, but it is also distinct in its look. How does Dalla Corte manage to make a machine that looks entirely new while still looking distinctly like a Dalla Corte machine? How does the design team work to achieve a balance between heritage and innovation?

Dalla Corte achieves the balance between heritage and innovation in the design of their machines by leveraging their unique brand identity while introducing new elements that reflect the latest design trends. The design team at Dalla Corte, in collaboration with Emo Design, combines their expertise in Italian design with the company's traditional values and high-performance technology to create a machine that is both visually appealing and functional.

Emo Design knows our brand's history, they understand our core values, and they’ve identified the key design elements that have made Dalla Corte machines recognizable. These elements, such as geometric lines and a focus on functionality, are retained and integrated into the new design.

At the same time, the Emo team has explored the latest design trends and materials to ensure that the new machine stands out as a modern and innovative product within the coffee industry. They pay attention to details such as ergonomics, user interface, and the overall user experience to create a machine that is intuitive and easy to use.

Through this process, the design team strikes a balance between maintaining the brand's heritage and identity, while also pushing the boundaries of design to create a machine that looks entirely new. The result is a visually striking espresso machine that retains the unmistakable Dalla Corte aesthetic but with a fresh and contemporary twist.

This interview was published in collaboration with Dalla Corte.