Groundbreaking new grinder from Faema

Groundbreaking new grinder from Faema

The Faema Groundbreaker is a new type of grinder. It minimizes the fuss in order to maximize what really matters: freshness, taste, aroma, and the beauty of coffee. In proud partnership with Standart, Faema told us more about the grinder and the innovation it brings into the world of specialty coffee.

Faema Grinder - Specialty Coffee Standart Magazine

The Groundbreaker keeps the temperature at a constant. Why is this important for grinding coffee? What effect does lower or higher, or inconsistent temperature of grounds have on the taste?

The Groundbreaker grinder is the first Faema grinder to come fitted with an electronically controlled fan. This in concert with the new grinding-chamber layout and motor guarantees reduced temperatures during and after long working cycles, keeping the coffee in consistent condition and preserving its aromas and flavour. This in turn further ensures consistent and repeatable espresso extraction.

How does the Groundbreaker communicate with other Faema products such as the new President espresso machine to make life easier for the barista?

The Faema On-Demand Groundbreaker grinder comes fitted with Bluetooth as standard. By activating the Bluetooth module, the Groundbreaker can seamlessly communicate with the espresso machine, offering advanced features such as PGS.

PGS (Perfect Grinding System) constantly compares the flow rate for every shot of espresso, and by passing data back and comparing it with a programmed reference value, the Groundbreaker automatically performs any grinding corrections in order to guarantee consistency and quality with as little fiddling as possible.

Faema Groundbreaker - Specialty Coffee Grinder - Standart Magazine

Groundbreaker in action. Follow Faema on Instagram for more.

What is the most pleasant aesthetic feature—even a single line or curve—on the Groundbreaker? How does it reflect the Faema aesthetic approach more broadly?

The Groundbreaker is a masterpiece of innovative design, with an absolutely unmistakable personality that combines the brand’s culture, tradition, and spirit in true Faema style.

Designed to fit in the widest array of spaces—even smaller workstations thanks to its small footprint and juxtaposing curves and reverse curves—the upper part of the chassis recalls an air intake, conveying a sense of power and dynamism. This air intake-like design becomes even more pronounced and significant in its enhancement the overhanging element that houses the display.

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