Cold brew's next frontier

Cold brew's next frontier

We at Standart are proud to have teamed up with Toddy, cold brew industry pioneers and a company that relentlessly pushes cold brew to the limits. In the Standart's Issue 22 exclusive brand feature, we took a look at the innovations that are seeing cold brew take its place at the forefront of the specialty coffee experience.

Widely regarded as cold brew industry pioneers, Colorado-based Toddy, LLC has been steadily developing and manufacturing innovative and sustainable cold brew solutions since 1964. Today the woman-owned company supplies busy cafés, roasters, and home baristas around the world with deceptively simple immersion brewers. This is cold brew for cold brew purists: suited for the most passionate and sophisticated of specialty coffee palates, no pretence necessary.

Toddy and Standart Magazine Specialty Coffee Collaboration

Aside from making superior cold brew readily available, another one of Toddy’s principal goals is to see to it that cold brew gets the same level of attention and credence as coffee brewed with heat.

'The beauty of cold brew lies in its possibilities.'

Cold brew is just as capable of showcasing nuanced flavour profiles and accommodating a wide range of applications, but until recently these characteristics have gone largely unexplored, dismissed by the misguided opinion that complexity only presents with traditional hot-water extraction.

Which is why Toddy developed the Cold Brew Cupping Kit, a set of three laboratory-grade immersion brewers designed to facilitate comparative sensory analysis. Enabling efficient side-by-side brewing while minimizing potential waste, the Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit simplifies and streamlines the science behind cold brewing.

Toddy and Standart Specialty Coffee Collaboration

Coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike can experiment with various brewing parameters such as grind size, roast profiles, and dwell time to determine the recipe best suited for the project at hand—whether that involves creating a cold brew programme, developing new beverage offerings, or highlighting the nuances of a spectacular single-origin coffee.

When paired with the Cold Brew Cupping Protocol and Cold Brew Cupping Form, the kit becomes part of an invaluable solution for exploring the myriad applications of cold brew. Cold brew has always had more to offer the specialty coffee industry than just a convenient way to make iced coffee; true cold brew enthusiasts know that in the right hands, it can form the foundation of remarkable beverages ... as long as you know how to extract its strengths and capitalize on its versatility.

'Like most relationships, the more time and energy you invest, the greater the payback. Cold brew is no different.'

The beauty of cold brew lies in its possibilities. The brewing method brings out different nuances in each coffee. The fruit ‘pop’ is more pronounced in natural-processed coffees; sweetness or nuttiness comes forward in red caturra; rich, chocolatey flavours dominate with dark-roasted Mexican Chiapas. In short, those who claim that cold brew lacks complexity just haven’t tasted one that’s been optimally brewed to let its unique characteristics shine.

Like most relationships, the more time and energy you invest, the greater the payback. Cold brew is no different, so spend some time exploring varietals to see where each one shines. Push past yesterday’s idea that cold brew is ‘iced coffee’ to discover the many ways it can be served.

Toddy and Standart Magazine Coffee Cocktail Recipe

And get creative! We all love choice and, often, beverage options that break from our routine, so look for ways to curate a broad and unique cold brew programme.

Offer a delicate floral cold brew over ice, something bright and acidic to complement the creamy mouthfeel of nitro, a chocolatey brew that pairs well with cream, and even consider creating a flight of exotic single origins. The more options you make available, the greater the chance that your customer will truly connect with cold brew.

As the art of cocktail creation has been trending lately, why not schedule some cocktail/mocktail sessions to inform your next signature beverage? Browse the recipe ideas in this link. Cheers!

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