Brew it like DuckRabbit

Brew it like DuckRabbit

Have you ever tried a coffee that combines the best of rare and exotic flavors?

Well, that's exactly what awaits you with the coffee sample that comes with your Standart Issue 31.

Introducing Orange Wush Wush by DuckRabbit Coffee, a unique variation of the Wush Wush varietal grown in Colombia's Huila department. This exceptional coffee is the result of careful cultivation, expert processing, and a touch of alchemy by producer Edwin Noreña, also known as la Alquimista.

Colombia's Huila department is renowned for its high elevations, warm climate, and diverse microclimates, making it an ideal region for coffee production. Grown at approximately 1,900 meters above sea level in the San Adolfo area, the Orange Wush Wush benefits from the region's subtropical forests and knowledgeable producers.

The Wush Wush varietal itself has a fascinating origin. It is a landrace variety that originated from the mountain forests of Ethiopia's Kaffa region, the birthplace of coffee. Initially selected for its disease resistance, Wush Wush was later recognized for its exceptional cup profile and high-quality potential.

The journey of the Orange Wush Wush begins with hand-harvesting and careful sorting of the ripe cherries. Under Edwin Noreña's watchful eye, the coffee is transported to his farm, Campo Hermoso, in Quindío, Colombia. Edwin is a third-generation coffee producer, agronomist, Q-grader, Cup of Excellence judge, and former instructor at Colombia's National School of Coffee Quality. His expertise and passion for coffee processing push the boundaries and pave the way for novel approaches.

At Campo Hermoso, the coffee undergoes a unique and meticulous process known as multi-stage carbonic maceration. Over four days, the cherries are sealed in tanks with a high concentration of CO2, which is produced as a byproduct of fermentation. This environment allows the coffee to release its juices, known as mossto, which are recirculated multiple times during the fermentation process.

The mossto contains a variety of beneficial microorganisms such as yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, each contributing differently to the cup's flavors. Factors like temperature, oxygen levels, fermentation duration, and mossto exposure time all play a role in shaping the final coffee's characteristics. Edwin carefully monitors and manipulates these variables to achieve his desired outcome.

The coffee is then dried in its fruit form on covered patios for a couple of weeks. After resting for a month, it goes through the dry milling process and is vacuum-sealed to preserve its freshness.

When the Orange Wush Wush reaches DuckRabbit roastery in Cleveland, it embarks on an exploration of its unique qualities. DuckRabbit team takes the time to understand the coffee and discover our preferred expression of its flavors. What they find is a cup that is truly exceptional, with a complexity and vibrance that is difficult to put into words.

The Orange Wush Wush offers a flavor profile that combines floral tropical fruits, tart strawberries, blackcurrant juice, and hints of mandarin. The aroma is fragrant, and the body is syrupy, with candy-like impressions reminiscent of taffy and hard candy. Creamy and buttery notes add another layer of indulgence to the experience.

To make the most of this exceptional coffee, we recommend trying different brewing methods:

French press

Coffee to water/ratio: 24g coffee to 300g water/1:12.5 
Grind: Medium-coarse or 9 on Fellow Ode Gen 2 (1-11 dial) 
Water temp: 199 F / 93 C 
Technique: Pour to 300g (takes about 30 seconds with an EKG), at 1:30 stir thoroughly (about 12-15 seconds), at 4:30 press and pour.


Coffee to water/ratio: 18g coffee to 200g water + 20g post brew (220g total water)/ 1:12.22
Grind: Medium or 5 2/35 on Fellow Ode Gen 2 (1-11 dial)
Water temp: 199 F / 93 C 
Technique: Inverted, pre-rinse filter, bloom with 50g water and stir (3-5 seconds), at 30 seconds pour to 200g total weight, at 1:15 stir and cap, at 1:45 slight swirl, flip and press, complete press around 2:00, and then add 20g more water to brew.

Pourover (preferred method)

Coffee to water/ratio: 16g coffee to 285g water/1:17.81
Grind: Fine-medium or 3 2/23 on Fellow Ode Gen 2 (1-11 dial)
Water temp: 199 F / 93 C
Technique: Pre-rinse filter, bloom up to twice the dose weight, at 30 seconds pour to total weight of 200g, after that drains pour to final weight of 285g
Brew time: 2:10

Brewing technique may vary, but the result will be a remarkable cup that showcases the Orange Wush Wush's unique qualities.

We are grateful for the dedicated efforts of everyone involved in bringing this exceptional coffee to life, and we are excited to share it with you, dear readers.