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Although we are branded as a specialty coffee magazine, we are really trying provide content that impacts not just coffee people, but a diverse readership. Creative types who enjoy poetry, photography, etc. as well as audiences who are more scientifically minded. Standart explores a variety of expression and thought through the structure of each chapter.

With Standart we are interested in the diverse experience through something shared–coffee.

Our Director of Content Luke Adams shares his process for curating the content of Standart and the philosophy behind it on Episode 41 of Keys to the Shop. His interview with producer and host, Chris Deferio expounds on our confidence in the printed word and our belief in the space that Standart creates—a place allowing you to be alone with a good story.

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Keys to the Shop is a weekly podcast that aims to inform and provide tools for employees, managers, owners, and enthusiasts in the specialty coffee industry. Keys to the Shop is produced and hosted by Chris Deferio, Café Operations Manager for Sunergos Coffee in Louisville, Kentucky. Chris is a veteran of coffee service; he is passionate about leading baristas and managers into intentional practises that provide the full potential of the café experience.

“A lot of conversations that take place in the coffee shop are rarely about coffee. It’s always in the background, but what allows these conversations to take place is basically caffeine addiction.”

Luke Adams currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil where he is in charge of all things written for Standart. He is notorious for his editing prowess and we are the better for it. With a background in literature and academic writing, he is the reason Standart reads with clarity and intrigue.

We look forward to sharing more of Standart with you through this podcast.

“We operate with the view that Standart should be like a visit to your favourite cafe”

Sit back and take a listen. The interview is in this link.