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Standart Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Subscription - Standart Magazine
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Subscriptions are shipped with a sample bag of delicious Kenynan coffee roasted by The Barn Berlin Coffee Roasters exclusively for Standart subscribers.

Every issue of Standart is beautifully designed and the content carefully curated in order to bring you into a one of a kind experience. It should be meaningful, enriching, and inspiring; Standart Issue 13 does just that:

Chapter Coffee. We confront, from two directions and perspectives, the questions of how we can ensure the survival of our industry in the face of climate change and supply chain vulnerabilities, before zooming in on the challenges faced by one particular producing country—Nicaragua. And for something a little lighter, Michelle Johnson runs a tasting experiment that will challenge the way you think about, and describe, taste.

Chapter People. Focusing, as per usual, on the people that make the coffee world go round, we take a deep look at Blue Bottle and it’s founder, James Freeman, in a long-form rumination on quality, scale, and the run of time. Eddie Twitchett of Round Hill Roastery joins us for a chat about roasting, Talking Heads, and Twin Peaks, and we turn to an ethnomusicologist to explore the relationship between coffee, music, and meaning.

Chapter World. We all know aeroplane coffee is bad. But why is it so bad? Surprisingly, there are some good reasons why, but also some not so good ones. But the question of bad coffee might simply be a question of taste. Philosopher’s have battled with this questions for centuries—we take a look through the guise of coffee. Finally, we take you all the way to Sydney, Australia, for our city profile just in time for the World AeroPress Championship!

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