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The official sponsor for this issue is Faema. The espresso machine manufacturer had one of their most exciting years. Read all about it in our sponsor profile piece, where we take a look back at the year that was 2019 for Faema.

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    2019 Best Coffee Magazine

    For the third time in a row, we were gratefully awarded 'Best Coffee Magazine' by coffee lovers world-wide at Sprudge.

    What's in Issue 17

    We begin an exciting new series from Gwilym Davies looking at coffee myths—both true and untrue—and how they play into our conception of coffee. Implicit bias is a hot topic right now; read how far its tendrils permeate the coffee world by investigating its implications for the cupping table.

    We consider China as a behemoth rising specialty producer through the eyes of an insider, and sink our teeth into a statistical study of the effects of weather on coffee yields in Hawaii.

    Panama and mortality

    An anthropologist reconsiders the site of her book research amidst its changing coffee culture, a writer muses on the phenomenon of origin travel after having visited Panamanian coffee farms for the first time, a coffee geek guides us through Tel-Aviv’s coffee scene.

    And finally, we interview an experimental psychologist and anglican priest about the meaning of our mortality, moral quandaries, human universals, and speaking about death in coffee shops, sometimes with cupcakes.

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