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    This edition is a celebration of the unexpected, the bold, the off-kilter, and the odd. Did you know about the difference between taste and flavour, and that sweetness in coffee is, well, not actually sweet? Okay, bad example; being a Standart reader, you probably do. But you get the point. And you get to read a neuroscientist of coffee tell you all about it.

    Few would expect to hear of coffee being grown on the Italian island of Sicily, but coffee (well, some) is indeed planted there, and we can’t wait to tell you more.

    We profile barista and unconventional café owner Giulia Carrelli of Trouble Coffee Co. in San Francisco, charting at how she’s driven her business to success through the good times and the bad, dedicated to a courageously staff-centric model.

    We also examine the complicated delivery system that gets astronauts their coffee fix during their stints in zero-gravity. In this issue's long-form essay, we delve in to how the pandemic has affected how we linger and loiter in cafés. This, and much more.

    Get a taste of Standart subscription for $10 with free shipping.