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    In the new issue, we talk with the award-winning coffee producer Karla Boza about her move towards specialty coffee after realizing she and her father were being ripped off by coffee traders, and to Joshua Norris, an activist and educator working in Northern California to preserve the ancestral practices of the Yurok Tribe.

    You’ll meet three leaders working to bring coffee’s troubled history to light through their businesses, and in this issue’s long-form essay, you’ll ponder along with us on the important subject of decolonizing the history of coffee, for a better future.

    Our photo-essay profiles and asks what we can learn from five of London’s more seasoned baristas, who work in an industry dominated by the young. We tackle the science behind how ambient café sounds can improve creativity and help us to work better, before gambolling about Ljubljana, the city that flowered among the vestiges of three empires.

    Get a taste of Standart subscription for $10 with free shipping.