Forget the feed

Join us in our fight against The Algorithm. In a world filled with digital noise and endless feeds, we believe that good coffee and good stories are worth switching off for.

Sit back, slow down, and enjoy the present moment with a cup of coffee and Standart. With over 11,000 active readers every quarter and 528 coffee shops in 83 countries worldwide, we are on a mission to celebrate the art of slow reading and the culture of coffee.

Questions and answers

What is Standart?

Published quarterly in English and Japanese, Standart is an independent print-only magazine dedicated to celebrating the art of slow reading. Recognized for its contribution, Standart was voted the Best European Indie Magazine for 2023 at the European Publishing Congress. We've been honored with the Outstanding Contribution to the Coffee Industry award and have secured the title of Best Coffee Magazine at The Sprudgie Awards four times.

As a quarterly print publication, Standart curates content that delves into the beauty and diversity of coffee culture. Boasting over 10,000 active subscribers across 83 countries worldwide, Standart has become a globally appreciated magazine for coffee enthusiasts.

Why should I sell Standart in my coffee shop?

Selling Standart in your coffee shop shows that you care about the human side of coffee. Each issue of Standart is a work of art, representing a connection to some of the brightest minds in the global coffee community. It's unique product worth adding to your retail offering. Every Standart issue comes neatly pre-packed with a selected specialty coffee sample from an international roaster. The recommended retail price of $29 per Standart gives you a 50% margin from every sale.

What does the Stack of Standarts contain?

In the current Stack, you'll receive five copies of the all-new Standart Issue 33, pre-packed in fully recyclable, custom-designed, thin envelopes. Each envelope also includes a 50g samplee of Ethiopia Bette Buna specialty coffee by A Matter of Concrete roasters in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For new customers, we'll include our custom-built display frame for showcasing Standart in your café. As a bonus, you'll get an extra coffee for your staff and an additional copy to display in the frame.

How do I use the display frame?

Using the display frame is simple! It can be hooked on any wall in your café. There is a 4cm thick platform in the bottom part for the magazine to stand. Guests can then easily pick it up, flip through the new issue on sale, and return it. This way, Standart doesn’t occupy space on your bar or retail shelf. The frame is a fantastic way to promote Standart in your café and encourage people to buy it from you.

What if I don't sell all five copies?

Some of our stockists choose not sell Standart at all, keep the display copy in the frame only and distribute all five copies with coffee to their employees, patrons, or partners. You can simply sell a few and gift the remaining copies. Either way, with a buying price of less than $12 per copy when purchasing Standart in a Stack and a retail price of $29, it becomes a perfect item to offer to your customers or to gift to anyone dear to you.

How do you select coffee samples for each issue?

We curate the lineup of our coffee partners one year ahead, teaming up with some of the best coffee roasters and producers globally. Since 2015, we have partnered with over 50 recognized specialty coffee roasters such as Intelligentsia Coffee, Tim Wendelboe, La Cabra, The Barn Berlin, or Square Mile Coffee. We're excited about exploring new collaborations in the coming years!

Why is the Stack available only in the EU, UK and Japan?

The Stack of Standarts product is currently available in the EU, UK, and Japan due to our warehouses in being in Berlin and Tokyo. We can afford to ship free with FedEx and DHL to these regions only––shipping costs elsewhere is simply too expensive and would consume most of your sales margin. Though we are actively working on expanding the Stack globally in 2025. In the meantime, you can sign up for a single subscription to Standart.

What is the fight against the algorithm and why should I care?

The fight against the algorithm is our way of defending human creativity, attention, and curiosity through coffee and slow reading. We aim to be a small piece of sanity, bringing a sense of wonder to the homes of our readers.

Every article in Standart is proudly subjective and curated by our creative team, representing the best in storytelling, journalism, and art within the coffee world. We chose the print magazine format to help people disconnect from the feed while enjoying coffee in a café. Join us on our mission to fight against The Algorithm. Forget the feed.

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