Standart Gift Set 🎄


Standart Gift Set 🎄
Standart Gift Set 🎄 Standart Gift Set 🎄 Standart Gift Set 🎄

This holiday season we created the Standart Gift Set as a way to show your favorite coffee enthusiast a little extra love. 

The Standart Gift Set includes two Standart issues of your choice and a limited edition of only twenty (!) fine Standart artworks we made in collaboration with Vector That Fox.

Warning: Upon opening, you may or may not lose your favorite coffee enthusiast to hours of reading and subject yourself to an onslaught coffee facts!

For free shipping, add code GIFTSTANDART at checkout!

*The fine print: If we had access to infinite Christmas magic, we would make sure you all got your Standart Gift Sets the moment you ordered them. Alas, our magic powers are constrained by the limits of postal services and therefore we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order by Dec. 25th. Also, Mr. Pavel, the cat is not included!