Meet the team

Natalia Vargova

, Chief of Design

Papers and sketches are flying all over the place when there is time to create. So coffice or coworking would not make any sense.

She strictly drinks espresso, yet she prefers tea or iced cascara at home. Her dream is to sail around to world in a boat she‘s built herself







Michal Molcan, Founder

In love with the rhythm of big cities and the rush of cafés. Breakfast is flat white, espresso for lunch, and the afternoon is dedicated to well-brewed coffee. He likes to work. Aside from cities like Berlin, London, and NYC, he admires nature and the harmony of Nordic countries.



Luke Adams, Chief of Content

Ruthless with his red editing pen, he takes his cappuccinos dry as hell.









Toshikazu MuromotoChief of Standart Japan

Being creative and curious is his motto. Language and coffee are his passion. Brewing coffee and cooking are his everyday meditation.

Espresso to boost, V60 to relax and flat white to warm – he drinks coffees by mood.