The People Behind Issue 6

The People Behind Issue 6

Now that Issue 6 has been released and is being enjoyed by coffee-lovers the world over, we’d like to take a minute to thank the amazing contributors that helped us put it together. Great content comes from great contributors, and we are lucky to work with so many talented people!

Espresso Supply sponsored Issue 6, and with their focus on small stuff but major industry support, they’re exactly the kind of inspiration we needed! They’ve built a company that has lasted, innovated, and grown, and we can only hope we’re as successful after 21 years! It’s an honour to work with people we can learn from, and we hope you can learn from our profile of Espresso Supply too.

For our interviews this issue, we profiled two of the most driven coffee professionals we know: French barista champion Charlotte Malaval and World Coffee Research’s Hanna Neuschwander. Each brings different skills and fresh eyes to the world of coffee, but both are bent on pushing the industry forward in a creative and healthy fashion. We are also pleased to present an interview with Brazilian coffee picker Maria Aparecida Lopes, who was able to tell us what life looks like on the coffee farms.

In the Coffee chapter, Amanda Juris of Verve Coffee Roasters lets us in on the parallels between coffee cupping and photography. Zoë Goodwin graciously stepped away from her work as a PhD candidate in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford to write about the importance of botanical classification and scientific communication. Ingrid Parrington, physician and microscopist, shows us just how beautiful science can be. Finally, to conclude the chapter, Nespresso's Shirin Moayyad uses her years of experience working in the Papua New Guinea coffee sector to present one of our most informative and eye-opening Country of Origin profiles to date.

We kick off the chapter Barista with Barista 24/7 profiles of Aimee Ferguson of Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Canada and Amy Larkin of Toby’s Estate in Brisbane, Australia (two baristas with the same name?! Well, you’ll see we have two Zoës too, so we’ve got you covered from A to Z). Lucy Curtis-Harris of Sweet Maria’s shares her home roasting knowledge, and Petra Veselá gives some pointers on the art of brewing. This chapter is also where you’ll find our interview with Charlotte Malaval.

In Ritual, Fran Roper of the Wellcome Trust tries to answer why art and coffee shops just seem to go so damn well together. Maintenance superstar Estelle Bright, aftersales coordinator for La Marzocco UK, walks us through the ins and outs of your espresso machine (but mostly the ins). Journalist and author Rhian Sasseen covers the gang at Espresso Supply, and allows us a wonderful peek inside the workings of the equipment pioneer. To wrap it up, follow Zoë Saunders on her quest for a great soy latte.

People, people, people. That’s really what we’re all about. In this chapter, Acme & Co.’s Jessica Godfrey tells us what it’s like Being the Boss. You’ll find the interviews with Hanna Neuschwander and Juliana Ganan's interview with Maria Aparacida Lopes here, and Jessica Down provides a bit of comic relief in the Overheard Conversations piece.

As ever, we wrap things up in World where Ximena Rubio walks us through the wonderful, colourful, and vibrant coffee scene of Mexico City. Cardiff University’s Rachel Davies muses on coffee, travel, and cultural understanding, and we end the issue with Sneha Annavarapu of the University of Chicago, who reflects on the coffee culture in her home of South India.

Finally, we owe our partners a HUGE thank you for supporting not only this issue but making serious coffee their standard:

Falcon Coffees, partners of the Coffee chapter, are origin specialists with a focus on collaborative supply chains. We hardly need to introduce Tim Wendelboe, partner of the Barista chapter and supplier of high-quality coffee to all our subscribers. Comandante, the German grinder company you ought to know, brings you the content on Ritual and we hope you consider integrating them into your morning coffee-making rituals. Victoria Arduino bring you exceptional machines and world-class coffee equipment, in addition to bringing you our People chapter. Finally, KeepCup’s mission is to keep the world a little greener while delivering your coffee to you in stylish yet functional to-go vessels, and that’s why it makes perfect sense they’re our World partner.