People behind the Issue 5

People behind the Issue 5

The most recent Standart Magazine is slowly spreading all around the world - let’s take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this issue possible. 

Alpha Dominche is the sponsor of the fifth issue of Standart, and it’s a thrill to be working with a company this innovative, this futuristic, and yeah, this cool. The very first time we spoke with Alpha Dominche CEO, Thomas Perez, we knew we were on the same page regarding the future of specialty coffee. Automation is one theme that crops up throughout this issue of Standart, and we’re glad to have Alpha Dominche help show us how technology can be integrated in a way that maintains both the beauty and magic of brewing. And we can’t wait to try it out the Sigh batch brewer once its released in 2017! 

Here at Standart we’re curious about the coffee world around us. In this issue, we showcase two people with two very interesting perspectives on multicultural coffee experiences between Japan and the US: Michael Phillips (Blue Bottle Coffee) and Dr Merry White (Boston University).

Michael Phillips was the 2010 World Barista Champion, co-founder of Handsome Coffee Roasters, and is currently Director of Training for Blue Bottle Coffee. Traveling constantly between Tokyo and Los Angeles in the name of coffee education, he spoke to us about differences in coffee training programmes and the future of automation in coffee.
Dr Merry White is not just our cover model—she’s also an anthropology professor at Boston University, specialising in food culture and Japan. Her 2012 book, Coffee Life in Japan, is a must-read for any coffee lover, as are her insights into the difference between art and craft in coffee in this issue. If you’re interested in global coffee histories, precision coffee preparation, and hand-brewing, you’re going to love this interview.
Great content is impossible without great writers. Keep your eyes peeled for pieces from the following coffee lovers:

In the Coffee chapter, we feature Bas Rutjens on the biogenetic advances that might improve coffee’s disease resistance. Willem Boot of Boot Coffee takes us to the origin of Geisha as we know it—Panama. Konrad Brits, founder and managing director of Falcon Coffees, offers his take on the lack of working capital in coffee-producing countries. To round out the chapter, we speak with Jeff Hann and Roland Fravel, directors of the new documentary The Coffee Man, on the visual and artistic side of coffee.

In Barista, we continue our basic training series with Gwilym Davies. Baristas Keiya Takahashi (Fuglen) and Anne Lunell (Koppi) share their daily schedules with us in the Barista 24/7 feature. This chapter is also where you’ll find our interview with Michael Phillips by our Editor in Chief, Michal Molcan. Ben Piff of Portland’s Clive Coffee is also here to walk you through setting up your dream home espresso bar.

In RitualStandart’s Content Director and Associate Editor, Luke Adams and Sabine Parrish, team up to provide you with more information that you knew you wanted about avocados. Celestia of Arabica, specialty coffee’s preeminent astrologer, makes an appearance to divine your coffee future. You’ll find our profile of Alpha Dominche here, and the chapter is rounded out by a selection of coffee quotes from classic literature, illustrated by Katarina Dudasova.

People brings us the Managing Director of Toby’s Estate, Cosimo Libardo, who provides a little insight into what it’s like to be the boss. We return to our second-favourite class of beverage—the cocktail—with an exploration of speakeasy bars by Fyodor KuzmichevDr Merry White’s must-read interview is also included within these pages. 

We wrap things up in World, where Pelle Valentin Olsen takes us all the way to Baghdad—in the 1940s! We then drink coffee in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod with Maksim Orlov, before heading all over the world with Tim Varney and the World AeroPress Championship. To conclude, Kalika Sands of the University of Oxford gives an overview of the historical development of coffee in England, and what third wave coffee looks like in the university city today.

Finally, we owe our partners a huge thank you for supporting not only this issue, but also for making serious coffee their standard:

Falcon Coffees, partner of the Coffee chapter, are origin specialists with a focus on collaborative supply chains. Beyond Within is a Budapest-based roaster bringing outstanding coffee to Central Europe and beyond, and this issue they bring you our chapter on the Barista. Boot Coffee is a tremendous resource for coffee courses, consulting, and market research, and their focus on precision makes them an obvious choice as our Ritual partner. Victoria Arduino bring you exceptional machines and world-class coffee equipment, in addition to bringing you our People chapter. Gardelli Specialty Coffees, an award-winning roaster who source and use the finest coffees the world has to offer, joins us for the World chapter.