Little Owl Coffee (Denver, USA)

Little Owl Coffee (Denver, USA)

MiddleState is focused and committed to sourcing, buying and roasting the best coffee they can find. We’re proudly featuring their coffee shop Little Owl Coffee as the first location from our upcoming Meet Your Stockist series.

What’s the story behind your shop?

The Idea behind Little Owl was to bring specialty coffee to an area of our city that had been ruled by second wave coffee shops and big corporate conglomerates. We wanted to raise the bar by not only making amazing coffee and delivering superb customer service, but also by bringing a higher sense of design and architecture into the coffee bar.

What’s special about your space?

The space itself is only around 300 square feet and has only 12 seats for customers. Making the bar as efficient as possible was a huge deal for us as there is not much space to work in. We designed the bar to allow the staff to comfortably manage the task of handling a high-volume shop with only two people working at a time. So far, it has been working splendidly, and we just keep getting busier.

I feel that that is one of the most impressive things about the shop, but if you asked the customers, I think a lot of them would say that it is our Calcutta marble wall!

Tell us a little about the people who visit your shop.

We are in Denver’s Lower Downtown, an area with a lot of businesspeople. Near us are tech companies, financial professionals, and a lot of high-end restaurants. We see a lot of young professionals, bankers, investors, lawyers, and the like. But we also see a lot of the service people that work in the neighbouring restaurants too.

I love our customers! It was so exciting when we first opened and realized that we were providing many people with their first experience of high-end coffee, a product that many didn’t even know existed. We watched people change the way they ordered and come to drink coffee on a daily basis. Our customers really took to specialty coffee and saw it in such a positive light. I was worried at first that it might be the opposite and that it would be difficult to accomplish this here. I was a dead wrong.

The people that frequent our shop are the best customers I’ve ever had the pleasure of serving. They are patient, appreciate great service, and understand the hard work and integrity it takes to make coffee the way we do. It’s truly humbling, really. So thank you, people of LODO (Lower Downtown)!

How’s your day going?

My day was really great actually.  I’m writing this on Sunday, which is turning out to be just as good as Friday was.  With the exception of spending a lot of time in the car, both days have been very sunny and relaxing.

Have a look at the MiddleState Coffee website to see more from their work. We’re happy to be on the shelves of their Little Owl with our Standart Magazine!