haepinest (Innsbruck, Austria)

haepinest (Innsbruck, Austria)

Standart is based in Vienna, but there’s more to Austria than the capital city! Today’s stockist interview profiles a café in Innsbruck, the cultural hub and major city of western Austria. Next time you come visit your friendly Standart crew in Vienna, might we suggest a weekend getaway and a warm coffee in the Austrian Alps?


What’s the story behind your shop?

My girlfriend and I did some traveling after finishing university, mainly to see what’s out there and find some inspiration for what will fulfill us in the near future. Running our own little space for quality food and drinks turned out to be just that!



What’s special about your space?

Other than creating a nice day-to-day space and trying to develop a third wave scene, we have events like brewing coffee with other small shops in the city, secondhand sales, acoustic living room concerts, and exhibitions from local creatives.


Tell us about your customers.

We are—although very near to the inner city—located in a quieter and more diverse area of Innsbruck with (in our opinion) a lot of potential. You can find different nationalities and a lot of small businesses with handcrafted products. There is also a small park next to us, which hosts a variety of alternative events. From locals of any age to world travelers, all kinds of people visit us.



What’s the best coffee you’ve had lately?

Thankfully, we’ve had lots of very good ones lately. From the most recent, Kenya Karimikui from Wildkaffee, Ethiopia Sasaba from Stooker, and Costa Rica Finca Frailes from St. Martins come to mind. The Standart samples are always very tasty as well!




How’s your day going?

All good, thanks! After having an awesome trip to Colombia in august we’re back in full swing and loving it...good things (and winter) seem to be happening.