First Draft Coffee (Dublin, IE)

The Standart team loved our visit to Dublin for World of Coffee earlier this year. But just because the festival’s over doesn’t mean there’s not great coffee in Dublin! A rising coffee destination, you’ll want to make sure you add it to your coffee travels. And while there, check out some of our Dublin-based stockists, like the wonderful team at First Draft Coffee!

What’s the story behind your shop?

Well, I've always loved this space. I've been coming here for about 20 years! It used to be one of Dublin’s first Internet cafes, I used to come here to learn how to use the information superhighway. Ha! Recently, it was a great coffee shop called Roasted Brown but they moved on to bigger and better things. I was a big fan of theirs, as was my partner, Rashel, so when Roasted Brown offered it to me I jumped at the chance to take it over. 

Rashel tragically died in April of this year, sending shocked ripples of grief through the entire coffee community. Taking this space really feels quite personal and special. It's far, far more than another coffee shop to me; it's a base of operations for all that First Draft Coffee do. We started as a training company and we've been slowly building our customer base here; we distribute for The Barn in Ireland, and soon we'll be wholesaling for our tea partners, Camellia Sinensis. We've been able to expand on the offer that Roasted Brown had as well as use the space for events, tastings and exploration.

We had just 2 weeks notice about taking the space, so it's all been a bit of a scramble but we can start to enjoy it now. I know Rashel would be so happy and proud to see what we're doing too.


What’s special about your space? Your city? 

We're part of a building called Filmbase, which is a training centre for the film industry in Ireland. With our education background it makes for a nice fit! They liked that ‘First Draft’ went nicely with some of their writing workshops. It’s also in my favourite area of the city, Temple Bar—makes going to work very easy!


Tell us something about your customers. This can be an overview of the sorts of people who come, or just an anecdote about a particularly great customer you’ve had lately.

Temple Bar is a real melting pot of people and businesses, so we get all sorts. We have a lot of great music venues on our doorstep here, and so have a lot of musicians stopping by. And of course because of Filmbase we have a lot of actors, writers, and general creative types. We're also right in the heart of tourist-ville too, so we get a lot of people visiting from overseas, taking in the sights.

Then there's the coffee guys. We made the 'Dublin City Speciality Coffee Map' for World of Coffee, so we get a lot of coffee tourists putting us through our paces, which I seriously love. Meeting fellow baristas, enthusiasts, roasters, and café owners from around the world is a huge part of why we do what we do. This community has been there for us non-stop and we want to meet everyone! 


What’s the best coffee you’ve had in the last month?

Does anyone like this question? Haha! I must say, we just had Finca El Durazno from The Barn on our brew bar recently, and it's been a while since I was so satisfied with a coffee. Each juicy sweet sip was better than the last!

I think its important to point out that's getting harder and harder to find bad coffee in Dublin.

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