Announcing Issue 4

Announcing Issue 4

Standart 4 has left the printers and is on its way to newsstands, cafés, and mailboxes the world over! We can’t wait for you to get your hands this issuetag us @standartmag and show us your copy once it arrives! But seeing as you’re stuck waiting just a little bit longer for your copy, we thought we’d take this quiet moment to thank our sponsor, partners, and contributors for their help putting together the best Standart yet. 

One drizzly evening in Prague not so very long ago, we had the good luck to be introduced to Yumi Choi, co-founder of Berlin-based Bonanza Coffee Roasters. On this particular evening, we made our first public concept pitch for Standart Magazine, and Yumi’s response was warm, enthusiastic, and encouraging. You see, despite the fact that today Bonanza is an established and well regarded specialty coffee innovator, there was a time where it was an idealistic startup—just like Standart. Responding to our pitch, Yumi declared, ‘This is fantastic! One day, we totally have to work together!’

We’re pleased to say, that day has come! Bonanza Coffee Roasters is the sponsor of the fourth issue of Standart Magazine, and it’s been a delight to work with their team. Having recently expanded to a second, astonishingly cool location in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Bonanza is ready to take on their second decade of business. We are proud to feature a profile of and beautiful photography from Bonanza in this issue, and we hope to see you there next time you’re in Berlin. 

Standart relies on amazing people for stories, ideas, and passion. This issue, we showcase two of the most passionate people we know: Klaus Thomsen and Percy Thonet 

Klaus isn’t just our photogenic cover model—he’s also a barista champion, founding member of Copenhagen’s esteemed The Coffee Collective, and advocate for radically reconsidering the way we think about coffee farmers. Don’t miss his inspiring interview! 

You might not know Percy Thonet, but you’ve probably seen his chairs around (and maybe even sat on one!). Profiled in our Meet Your Guest feature, this heir to the Thonet furniture dynasty fills us in on the history of café seating in central Europe, the value of artisanal products, and exactly what happens when you try dropping a chair off the Eiffel Tower. If you hadn’t yet considered the chair in which you drink your coffee, it’s time to think again.

Great content come from great writers, so keep your eyes peeled for pieces from the following coffee lovers:

In the Coffee chapter, we feature Lennart Clerx and Lauren Rosenberg, founder of This Side Up (a specialty coffee sourcing company) and a PhD intern at the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, respectively, writing together on the Potato Taste Defect. Konrad Brits, founder and managing director of Falcon Coffees, lends his expertise on collaborative supply to a thoughtful piece on sustainability. Roaster Juliana Ganan turns her focus to her native country, Brazil, offering a comprehensive profile of this giant producer, while Prague-based café owner Daniel Kolsky takes the reader on a wild ride through coffee in Guatemala.

In BaristaWBC Head Judge and barista trainer Petra Veselá gives the reader some basic, yet crucially important, hospitality pointers. Ondrej Petrus of Doubleshot in Prague is back this issue with a comic take on common types of baristas. Third Wave Wichteln’s André Krüger profiles our sponsor, Bonanza Coffee Roasters, taking us behind the curtain of their amazing new space. Baristas Ryan Doyle Elward (Intelligentisa) and Octavio Ruiz (Almanegra Café and Nudo Negro Café) share their daily schedules with us in the Barista 24/7 feature. This chapter is also where you’ll find the interview with Klaus Thomsen by our Editor in Chief, Michal Molcan. 

In RitualStandart’s Content Director, Luke Adams, waxes poetic on the marriage of coffee and alcohol and speaks with 2016 Slovakian Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, Martin HudakAustralian scientific coffee geeks, Socratic Coffee, return with a comprehensive examination of particle size and espresso extraction. We’re delighted to welcome former Ace Hotel Shoreditch barista and manager, Jaya Chingen, who writes on the relationship between economics and advancement opportunities for baristas. 

People brings us photographer and entrepreneur Curtis James, who runs the inspiring series Beyond Work, and we feature selections from his barista profile. Gin lover Hannah Lanfear provides a delightful walk through the history of the spirit, and Percy Thonet’smust-read interview is included within these pages.

We wrap things up in World, where our Associate Editor Sabine Parrish gets lost in Korea. Karolína Kumstová joined us in Paris this fall, and offers a review of Barista Guild of Europe’s CoLab. Concluding all this excitementAlex Kitain of the Coffeevineprofiles the current state of coffee in Seattle. 

Finally, we owe our partners a huge thank you for supporting not only this issue, but also for making serious coffee their standard. Falcon Coffees, sponsor of the Coffee chapter, are origin specialists with a focus on collaborative supply chains. Röststätte provides Berliners and beyond with coffee, barista tools, brew gear, and educational workshops, and this issue they bring you our chapter on the Barista. Boot Coffee is a tremendous resource for coffee courses, consulting, and market research, and their focus on precision makes them an obvious choice as our Ritual partner. La Marzocco hardly needs an introduction, as they’ve been providing machine excellence for nearly 90 years now, and we’re pleased to have them as our People partner. Marco Beverage Systems brings you the World chapter—which makes sense as they bring quality equipment services worldwide. 

Thank you to everyone who helped put together this issue, and we can’t wait for you to read it!