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Issue 6 out now

Issue 6 out now

A print magazine about the beauty of specialty coffee culture

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Coffee should be approachable

We love it for its ability to foster interesting conversations, chance meetings, and rich experiences. Quarterly published and print only, we dedicate more than 120 pages of beautifully designed and carefully curated content to the beauty of specialty coffee. Sit back, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of the offline world.

Growing list of stockists

Standart Magazine is currently available in over 300 locations across 52 countries. Order online through our web shop, or visit one of the wonderful independent cafés or bookstores we’re proud to work with.

Great brand collaborations

Unique brands work with us through carefully crafted partnership and sponsorship collaborations that work within the magazine structure to enhance the reading experience.

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World-class contributors

Great content is impossible without talented writers, photographers, and illustrators. Have an idea that needs to be in print? Share it with us!


Growing list of stockists

Our stockists grow alongside Standart. From a first-issue circulation of 1,500 to our most recent print run of 10,000 copies, we’re on our way to caffeine-based world domination.

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Print is not dead

We believe that hiqh-quality print magazines have a growing audience in the 21st century. Reading and touching great stories, beautiful photography and fine paper is an experience that digital technology can never replace. Our readers are people who can appreciate a work of craft and curated, meaningful content.
Print is not dead
What's inside?

What's inside?

Standart magazine is about people. They are the core of our content – fancy baristas, hard-working farmers, innovative roasters & dedicated coffee aficionados. They are all part the movement we love. You don’t need tattoos, mustache and sneakers to drink a fine cup of coffee.

Drink & read

At its core, it is the people sharing their love with others around them through coffee – sweating farmers, diligent roasters and passionate baristas. Standart is about such people. We could talk hours about “passion” and the “do what you love” stuff.
Drink & read
Geoff Watts, Intelligentsia Coffee
"A publication that dreams big and deftly blends artistry, intellect, and a love for coffee into a delicious mix of articles with generous spirit, relevant material, and just the right amount of seriousness."

– Geoff Watts, Intelligentsia Coffee

Jessica Godfrey, ACME
"The articles in Standart cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the industry. The production value of the magazine is excellent, including the layout, photography, and illustration."

– Jessica Godfrey, ACME

Giada Bondi, La Marzocco
"Standart's ethos is to bring specialty coffee closer to the consumer while setting trends. We are proud to be a part of their mission."

– Giada Bondi, La Marzocco

Brian Ludviksen, Counter Culture Coffee
"Standart sets a​ new paradigm for our industry in that it's informative, focused, thorough, thoughtful, and gorgeous."

– Brian Ludviksen, Counter Culture Coffee

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Standart Magazine Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Magazine Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Magazine Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Magazine Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Magazine Subscription - Standart Magazine Standart Magazine Subscription

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Our characteristically over-caffeinated team has put together a collection of content ranging from an article on botanical classification and terminology, to the value of coffee shops for the traveler who wants to see more of a city than just museums and monuments. We move from Papua New Guinea to hipster Brooklyn, from your kitchen to Mexico City. And at every stop we have serious content that you can sink your teeth into over your cappuccino. Four issues of Standart Magazine delivered quarterly to your doorstep, fresh off the press and accompanied by a sample bag of specialty coffee.

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